Mediation Services


Ian is an independent, objective mediator who has a solid reputation for resolving disputes efficiently and cost-effectively. His dynamic approach ensures he does not get lost in the woods on irrelevant detail and naturally adapts to circumstances, people and their businesses.

Ian can be appointed to act as Mediator or alternatively to seek to drive home a mediation negotiation process and resolution for the parties outside the courts.

Ian’s approach focuses on collaboration between legal teams and disputants. Ian’s priority is to achieve resolution. He discourages any adversarial behaviour which can simply lead to an escalation of costs. He has a reputation for being personable, straight-talking and results-driven. Ian encourages parties to limit paperwork and condense key issues for more concentrated results.

Specialised Industry knowledge

Ian’s hybrid legal and insurance career background helps Ian understand a range of key players who may be involved in a mediation which ultimately helps to streamline communications and a speedier, more efficient process.

Fresh and Energetic Approach

By employing a contemporary, proactive approach, parties are assured their issues will be simplified. Ian avoids legalese. One of the key components of mediation is to avoid courtroom hyperbole and posturing. Parties can expect an atmosphere that is facilitative and encouraging.

Connecting to people and their issues

Communication is central to resolving any dispute. Ian has a natural ability to home in on what is beneath the surface. The role of understanding and psychology is crucial for a successful mediation. He naturally relates to and empathises with the parties and their issues.

Focused and Organised Planning

Attention to relevant detail is pivotal in mediation. The requirement to focus on the real issues and obstacles is even more so. Ian is accustomed to the assimilation of complex technical expert evidence. Moreover, he manages that process ensuring a productive and meaningful exchange between the parties leading to speedier resolutions.

Pre-mediation Consultations

For parties considering mediation. Includes a comprehensive guide through the process and gives parties an opportunity to decide whether to proceed by way of formal mediation.

Mentoring & Presentations

Workshops on the mediation process.

Independent Expert input

Mediations often fail due to a lack of preparation in advance with the independent experts that may be involved. Ian ensures that this process is done in so far as possible and in advance and that all efforts are front-loaded with a view to going straight to meaningful discussions on the day of the mediation.